Writing Words That Sell & Transform lives

So you’ve dried out your credit card yet again on the latest paid ads program that’s supposed to show you how to scale to a 6 figure per month business.


Now, what?!?

Learning the tactics and mechanics of online advertising isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it in just a few hours… Creating an ad that converts and enables you to build a relationship with clients who love you enough to invest in your products and services – wow, that’s a different science all too itself!

Took me a while to figure this out. And after lots of hair pulling, ice cream binging to soothe my frustration, and thousands of dollar later – I finally got it!

The secret to selling more isn’t on the paid ad platform or the budget you have. Rather it’s in the words you use to communicate with the right audience at just the right time and a simple, clear and authentic manner.


Why did no one tell me this sooner?

We all have access to the same 26 letter alphabet and there is only one Internet connecting the entire planet.


Finding your dream clients right from the comfort of your home office or sofa has never been more practical. Using simple tools and creative writing that reveals your authentic voice, you can season your words from mundane to magical.

The power of writing words that sell and transform lives is found in how we choose our words and what we do with the selection of sounds that lends the greatest strength to our voice.

Finding your voice is the key to getting dedicated followers and fans and that it’s the only sustainable way to write.

If you’re not being yourself, you’ll eventually burn out.

The bottom line is that there’s a lot of noise out there in the world. If you’re going to get heard, you can’t just raise your voice.

You’ve got to set yourself apart, showing you have something special to say, and that you have a unique way of saying it.

Find Yourself

Find Your Voice

Find Your Tribe

A little about your personality

Exercise 1

With lots of gusto and self-love, describe yourself in 3 adjectives.

Exercise 2

Write down you’re favorite artistic and cultural influences. Are you incorporating these into your work or avoiding them because you don’t think other people will get it? Example: I like to use my favorite fairy tale stories and music to teach deeper lessons.

Exercise 3

Write down 5 books, blogs or articles you like to read. Take some time to examine them. How are they alike? How are they different? What about how they are written captivates you?

Exercise 4

Do you often have trouble trusting in your own original thoughts when the ideas you want to share just haven’t been said yet?

Exercise 5

My friends would describe me as…

Exercise 6

Describe your ideal reader. Describe her in detail. Then write to her, and only her.

Your Writing Process & Style

How would you describe your writing process?

A. I brainstorm to find an article topic, create an outline, write, and revise

B. I always start with a topic in mind, but I usually have to rein myself in.

C. Process? What process? I go wherever inspiration takes me!

Tip on the process:

If the idea of creating a detailed outline gives you horrible flashbacks to middle school English, just write down a list of three to five ideas you want to hit in your article. When you know where you’re going, you’ll write faster and produce more organized articles.


Which best describes your writing style?

A. Straightforward, clear, minimalist

B. Literary, expressive, poetic

C. Stream of consciousness

Tip on the writing style:

Style reflects a writer’s personality, voice, and how you perceive your audience. When you read your stuff you’ve got to be able to proudly say “yeah. That voice is mine, oh mine, oh mine!”

Why would people like your writing?

A. It’s well organized, easy to understand, and educational.

B. I’m a great storyteller.

C. My sparkling personality, of course.

What do you like reading?

A. News and industry publications

B. Everything! Fiction, nonfiction, and industry news

C. Mostly fiction

Which do you prefer to include in your articles?

A. Timely industry examples and research

B. A personal story

C. Witty pop-culture references

The Nuts and Bolts


Always keep in mind your ideal reader

I can’t say this enough. Getting into the mind of your ideal reader and creating content that adds value is vital. Use words and language that resonates with your tribe.

Be confident in using your own voice

I know speaking from your own place of truth with confidence and authenticity doesn’t come easy for most of us. But I encourage you to only be yourself when writing. Your personality regardless of how “professional” it may or may not sound is the only way you will stand out magnetize your ideal audience.

Always keep it super simple

Marketing your message to your client isn’t a lecture. Don’t turn your words into a boring college essay! No one will ever complain about making things super simple and easy for them to follow.

Make your content a priority.


I certainly will.

  • Project Consultations 70%
  • Client content created in 2018 61%
  • Conversion Success Rate 45%
  • Client Satisfaction 60%

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