So Glad You're Here...

My guess is someone you trust mentioned my name or you came across one of my training, articles or some other content piece online. Whatever path got you here, please know – I am really glad our paths have crossed.

It’s become a very noisy world and the Internet is full of information and billions of sites. The fact that you’ve been led here is no accident. It is by divine alignment that we connect this way.

That means a lot to me and it’s my hope you will increase in joy, prosperity and a soulful connection just by looking around my digital home.




There’s lot’s of awesome stuff on this site that can change your life and business. Just like you, I never fit into the normal standards of society so I had to find answers, hacks and growth strategies that would allow me to carve out my own path. Everything I have and continue to learn is generously shared throughout this rich storehouse so feel free to use what resonates.


Here’s a lay of the land so you can find what you desire and we can build something beautiful together!

A new life needs a new mind

We cultivate a prosperity mindset

We seek clarity, faith & love

We strive to make a difference


A little about me…

I am a mother, transformational writer, prosperity teacher, entrepreneur, communication strategist and lover of life.

The first thing you should know about me is: I am a family woman. Family means everything to me.

If you are curious about my background and how I went from the slums of Nairobi to the European Riviera and traveling the world, get the scoop on my about me page.



I am a romantic at heart, so if you’re stiff and non-emotional – heads up – this might get uncomfortable! And yes… I do believe money and love go hand in hand. When hanging out with me, miracles may occur.


Quick summary:

First. Oh, what a great and delightful joy it is, for me to have your time and attention. My journey in this human experience started off in an African slum.

You might say it’s given me a Ph.D. in life skills…I’m a born and raised Nairobi girl! We hustle and party like there’s no tomorrow [ Wink. Wink.]

While I have spent a big portion of my life in big cities, I turned into a beach girl several years ago and now spend most of my days on the Italian Riviera or in some exotic Asian Island. Yes, you read that right.

I am an obsessive learner and student of life. I spend tons of my time reading, writing, producing and creating done for you + done with your systems for my clients to succeed with their content marketing strategies.

While I do enjoy the work that I do and love my digital business I actually spend as much time as possible offline – when we are not putting out some world-class content to sell premium products and luxurious services.

Indeed I feel blessed beyond measure because I do live an extremely opulent lifestyle. One that very few people (who started off like me) get to enjoy. I have the grace of God strongly focused on me and for that, I live with a sense of profound gratitude.

And I’m not just talking about the prosperous lifestyle I have manifested –although that’s totally part of it – what I’m mostly referring to is the bliss, harmony, great health, deep relationships and wonderful writing business I’ve been able to manifest.

Which is why I am so delighted to have you pay my site a visit because I want to show you just how simple it can be to design your very own version of heaven here on earth. In life and in business. Whether you’re here strictly because you need content that will attract more of your ideal clients or you need some help increasing your magnetic ability to attract riches or a bit of both, you’re in the right place. I’ve got your back!

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Let’s talk empowerment…

And when I say empowerment I mean economic empowerment.

Looking to increase your prosperity and grow your business?

You’re not alone.

It’s really hard and scary to step out of your comfort zone and chase after your dream.

Is it even possible to start a business from scratch with no prior experience, capital funding or a rich uncle?

Know that it will require dedication, lots of courage and a strong support system.

My philosophy is: Start small in a big way.

We have created world-class content throughout this site to help you with two very important things:

•To help you find your true self again.
•To help you launch your next product or program and convert your audience into premium clients from the Internet.

Our rich, world-class content is designed to help you awaken, prosper, succeed and gain more freedom.

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Do This Next No Matter What

If you want to thrive or a chance at becoming independently wealthy then you need to develop a prosperity mindset.

You must learn to master your emotions and cultivate the Confidence and Courage to sell more.

Success in business is not an outside-in game; it’s an inside-out game.
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There is a power within you that is greater than any condition, circumstance or situation you may be facing. That same power will guide you, strengthen you and help you build your very own lavish lifestyle business.

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