Wealth, lavish abundance, freedom, love, beauty, opulence, comfort… Some of my favorite words!

Lemme ask you this: Do you know what slum people believe is the single biggest problem they have?

Give it some thought… It may not be what you think. But in the meantime, allow me to introduce myself and offer a warm welcome. We’ll circle back to that first question in just a bit.

Let’s start here: Hi, I’m Janette. A mother, child of God, creator, and co-founder of Bold Beautiful Blissful U and The Expert Coaches Alliance.

I am so glad you are here. Everything we have created, all the resources and platforms exist to equip you with the tools, resources, support, hope, joy and divine strategies that will empower you to produce your heavenly lifestyle and business.

I am fascinated with the human mind and the metaphysical side of life and my mission is to help you heal, Re-create and Re-invent your life so you can unfold your Destiny. 

I aim to enrich your life and add great value to you so you can finally trust in your ability to be a great leader both personally and professionally. You deserve to have an awesome lifestyle and create more wealth than you currently have and I am convinced now is the best time for you to do that.


I believe in quality not necessarily quantity in life I believe in love I believe in beauty I believe in progress rather than perfection I believe in divine wealth and economic empowerment for each individual

I am also a lover of people and have in recent years become very passionate about entrepreneurship. I do believe that we are the generation standing at the frontlines of a new world.

There’s a massive global uprising of the creative entrepreneurial class who are leading the “new economy”. As you may have observed already, we are now entering a new industrial age that is characterized by cutting edge technology, hyper-growth and globally connected cultures.

And as a modern day parent and woman, I totally want to be playing at the top.One of the best lessons my journey has taught me thus far is to be proud of my many failures and to value them just as much as my successes.

Such is the path of the entrepreneur, so if you are still unsure, yes being an entrepreneur and gaining financial freedom will stretch you – which is why I am here.

My desire for you is to claim your mark, to build your legacy, gain economic empowerment and to experience joy and satisfaction in your life. And I want you to be able to do that right where you are with what you have…



I am here to show you how to make everything fit together properly, bridge the gap between you and your achievements whilst having fun and getting massively rich in the process!

That’s how I did it, and I know you can too.

What a promise right? Well, I can back it up!

You see I have come to be known more as the Queen of last hopes and ultimate possibilities! Lots of nicknames are now attached to me and one I have actually grown fond of is the Phoenix  🙂 I think the name says it all don’t you think?

I am 100% Real and authentic proof that you can design your dream lifestyle!

– where the girl from the deep ghetto {African Slums}, lands in the continent of “who knows who” and “who has what” {i.e Europe} and manages to create something awesome!

Now before we get any further let’s redefine what society has erringly caused chaos {and, even more, depression} over!

Being Rich. Being wealthy and having a prosperous lifestyle is NOT ONLY about having fancy, big toys and overflowing cash.

This isn’t what I am talking about. I want to share with you the underlying foundation which any wealthy, healthy, happy, rich person has and no it isn’t about the material stuff. They play a very big role – don’t get me wrong, but they are not the building blocks.

So what’s it all about?

Radical transformation and what I call the heavenly lifestyle. We need to shift our beliefs and the approach we use in business, our relationships and all other areas that matter to us.

what makes it work?

One statement.  It’s actually a concept I have learned from one of the best teachers to-date in the field of neuroscience. And then I combined that knowledge with Philosophy, Theology as well as my life experiences. So let me be so bold as to sum it up in one phrase:

 It’s actually a concept I have learned from one of the best teachers to-date in the field of neuroscience. And then I combined that knowledge with Philosophy, Theology as well as my life experiences. So let me be so bold as to sum it up in one phrase:

If you want your life to “be all that and more” you need to train yourself to have a Healthy Resilient Mind.

It is simple {as all great ideas}, yet really profound when you understand the principles that come to play when we work on this concept. It is the single most powerful phrase to-date across most disciplines that truly offers the sure and fast-tracked method to being a great Leader, having an awesome lifestyle, acquiring wealth and living in prosperity and well-being.

My twist on having a healthy resilient mind is what I refer to as “renewing the mind and shifting in consciousness.” This is what our journey together will be centered on. So let me share with you what renewing the mind will look like, but first… A little fairy tale story.

This is what our journey together will be centered on. So allow me to share with you what renewing the mind will look like, but first… A little fairy tale story.

A little fairytale {even if you’re not a believer}

Once upon a time, in a far away slum, there lived a girl who seemed frail on the outside but on the inside, she was unbreakable.

With nothing but a big dream to become self-sufficient and independently wealthy, she embarked on a mission impossible. Taking on the responsibility of raising a family, leaving the slum life behind and against all odds, making her world more beautiful, prosperous and happier than she found it.

She self-taught her way into every desire, dream, and vision. Taking baby steps and never ever giving up no matter how tough things got.

And while this fairytale is far from over, legend has it that this girl is already enjoying a happily ever after sequel.

Not many people get to tell the story of rising from deep poverty to lavish abundance and I am forever grateful that I get to be one of the few who can boldly state – with God all things are possible.

Renewing the Mind

Well, here is the fun part that I get to show you once you make the decision to reach out to me or join our digital community because that’s truly my gift and something I’ve certainly mastered through my long tumultuous journey.

I don’t yet know of anyone in my industry who’s had the extensive adventure and experiences I have been exposed to. It’s been my unending effort and determination to change my world and the world of those around me… And I have only scratched the surface!

Raised by a single mother in one of the largest slums in Kenya, my dream of going to school or becoming a cardiologist remained, for the most part only a dream.

“Yesterday” for me was always a wound, “Tomorrow”, a nightmare vision and Today was a combination of hell, pain & survival. But I still had something in me.

There was a part of me that wanted to live better, to do better, to gain financial security and find meaning in my life. With no connections, no family background, no back-up,  only a miracle could take my family and me out of the streets. Only guts, persistence, determination and the discovery of certain secrets could take a girl in rags into riches.

See most people say they never dreamed of “the good life” that they have – that wasn’t me. I have been dreaming of the good life as far back as I can remember. I was always one of those kids who just felt something was wrong. That accepting poverty as the only reality just wasn’t right.

And if I may not go back to the first question that I posed when you landed on this page – What do slum people believe is the single biggest problem they have?

If you answered money, you’re right on the money 😉

Except the truth is, that’s not their biggest problem. Because even if you give a person in the slums a whole bag full of money, none of their problems will be over. They might temporarily seem like they are doing well but trust me, you’ve just amplified their fears, insecurities, and lack. Sounds crazy I know but having walked in those shoes, I assure you there’s a bit more work that needs to be done by each individual before a prosperous life can become a daily reality.


Back to my story.

With no connections, no “normal” family background, no back-up, only a miracle could take my family and me out of the streets. Only guts, persistence, determination and the discovery of certain secrets could take a girl in rags into riches.

Those very secrets that are all scientific and backed by hundreds of thousands (if not millions), successful case studies, are the very ones I used on my Self and they remain the very ones you and I will employ to get you the golden dream.✨ But even more than that, I got my heavenly lifestyle and have been reproducing bigger miracles ever since

This is not about me dramatizing my journey so you can feel that I have tested it all, when all the while I had credit cards, school loans, degrees, uncles in high places or some kind of connection – Nope….I had nothing! Zilch, nada , niet lol 🙂 you get the point, I had Nothing AT ALL!!!

This is me aiming to add total authentic value to your life. To get you in a place of real and measurable financial and personal freedom in this lifetime! That is how I did it way back when…

That is how I did it way back when…

That’s how I ended up studying with some of the greatest teachers, being mentored by the biggest names in human potential, success and personal empowerment such as Bob Proctor and as well, hang out with some of the coolest, most successful and influential people today.

I want to give you Truth and Transformation and I am so passionate about that because I know when I uplift you, you will uplift others and in so doing, the freedom both personally and financially that is sorely needed in the many parts of this beautiful world will penetrate and reach greater heights. That’s what I will bring to the table… How badly do you want your good life?

That’s what I will bring to the table… How badly do you want your good life?

Now I may not know you yet, but I do know this, where you are right now, you can step up your game and get better results, faster and in a much bigger way. If anyone has a Ph.D. in experience, breakthroughs, and fighting against all odds, it would be me. So I am not guessing at whether you can because I know if I can – then you damn well better believe that you can too!

Family and Fun Facts About Me

The first thing you must know about me is that family and freedom mean everything to me.

I bring hope and love back to the new age entrepreneur because I just think we could always use a little more grace, color, and playfulness in this day and age.

I have come a long way since being a street kid, and yes there isn’t much that I haven’t tried just to put food on my family’s table.

And I ain’t kidding you when I say this – I have done anything and everything I could as long as it did not harm anyone (although at times it harmed me) just to feed my family.

I have been looking after my awesome family since I was 14, so I know that things get rough!

I also know a thing or two about budgets and bills and responsibility. I have done the lights and camera as a model, was an adult entertainer, a trolly dolly in one of the biggest airlines in the world, tried being a housewife (Didn’t work out well at all!), took a run at being a fitness and personal trainer which I absolutely loved.

And the list is endless, ✍ ….so, I will just leave it at that for now.

You should also know that at one point someone convinced me that I was chronically ill which didn’t help my state of depression and so I was a human vegetable for many years.

Oh yeah but don’t worry, I am the healthiest I have ever been and turns out I have quite a rocking body and great health thanks to the many years in the fitness industry and all the cool power-filled principles and insights that I will be sharing with you. 🙂 Janette Getui

I am a mother to many. But more specifically a wonderful young lady who, like her mom is overly ambitious and wants to be a mathematician, scientist, and maybe celebrity chef as well as part time model if her calendar has space 🙂 What a combination right? 

She is a perfect product of my first marriage which didn’t quite turn out as Cinderella’s Happily ever After Story {More on that Later} but I got an even better gift – my own chosen happily after with my gorgeous daughter Vanessa. I am totally in love with her ♥♥ Can you tell?

While that marriage didn’t work out, her father is certainly one of my greatest friends. In fact, our amazing friendship is proof that living in divine harmony and applying the principles of success ensures ALL relationships you have to prosper always.

Economic empowerment and an awesome lifestyle is something I am pretty serious about! I believe in having it all and sharing it with everyone.

I have gone from one extreme to another in this one lifetime and I feel so fortunate that I can share everything I have learned along my way with you and hopefully get you into your own success because boy oh boy it is awesome to have the freedom and the power to reinvent yourself.

And yes I am known to be off the cuff strange because I love prioritizing my spirituality. I strive with great effort if need be, never to compromise my higher Self. That’s not always easy…But it is possible.

I believe in making everything fit together, and boy oh boy, let’s just be honest here, it isn’t  necessarily something we can easily do on our own. That’s why I am here, and it’s  what I get to help you master. I want to show you how to make that happen in your own life in a simple, measurable and do-able kind of way.

And… I am not one of those types of personalities who have trouble asking for what I feel I deserve! I always give the best I can and always expect to be richly compensated.

I mean this girl unapologetically loves Tiffany, Moèt, Kir Royals and oh yes the Casadei Shoes! I have a thing for those ones.. It must be love!

Sharing a little love

Having said that, it fills my heart with joy to help raise funds and build schools with Unstoppable especially because they happen to build some in my country as well YAY! 

Just this Easter, my team, my daughter and I donated to the biggest children’s hospital in Italy called Gaslini and they were so kind to send us a van load of Chocolate Easter eggs which was sooooooo cool but too much!

My house was like an Easter bunny chocolate playhouse and it took a while before we could figure out how to disperse all of them… These and more are some of the things that feed my soul!

So obviously there is a part of me that is very “Royal” by this I mean spiritual. But there is also a part of me that is a true “Rebel” (Materialistic.)

I believe finding that balance is what counts, and that is what creates the harmony, joy and meaning atleast in my life. So yeah, I am not a one-sided coin, and if that resonates with you then you are in the right place because making all the pieces fit together is what I do best!

Wasn’t always the case, I was the lost princess … But the prodigal daughter is finding her way home..In style!

It is my desire that in sharing this tiny portion of my life with you, there will be a sign that strikes you to take action now and reach out to me through email or scheduling a complimentary breakthrough session so you can really test out if I am as rock solid as I claim to be when it comes to helping you discover the kingdom lifestyle that I know for a fact is waiting on the other side.

You may not have heard of me until now, but I can promise you the principles I work with and that I am going to share with you will not only transform your life, but will move you into a higher level of joyful, meaningful, successful living.

And oh yes, I am all about teaching these principles to our children. I believe they are the future. So anything we share will be so effective and congruent with natural laws of this universe that you will be able to pass them to your kids and make sure that you give them the most beautiful gift any parent can give a child – A healthy resilient mind that will help them know who they really are.

It is a one of a kind experience hanging out with me. Even if it’s just from my one of my free courses which you can sign up for as well. But if you can, get on a 30min call with me! It’s one thing to read my text, it’s another thing to speak with me.. And I hope you take me up on that offer right now and schedule it in immediately.

..If you are serious about choosing your destiny I can show you how to re-create it today!

You are loved.


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