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Janette Getui

We believe you deserve both time and money freedom. More bliss, more health, more love in your life as well as increased business success can all be yours in just one weekend! Apply for our next exotic Biz Retreat.

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Janette Getui

janette getuiHi there and welcome! I go by the name Janette Getui and it’s a joy for me to have your time and attention. My journey in this human experience started off in an African slum and you might say, it’s given me a Ph.D in life skills.

Today I live an extreme lifestyle, one that very few people get to enjoy in an entire lifetime. I’m not just talking about the prosperous lifestyle I have manifested { although that’s totally part of it}, I mean the bliss, harmony, great health, loving relationships and wonderful business that I run.Which is why I am so delighted to have you pay my site a visit because I want to show you just how to design your very own heaven here on earth.

Our Executive Entrepreneur Retreats

Janette Getui’s growth hacking retreats are a rare opportunity to get personal help in creating the meaningful, fulfilling, and exciting life and business you deserve. Held in exotic and highly exclusive locations around the world, these small-group retreats offer a tranquil and transformational environment that feeds your business, body, mind and soul … while giving you the personalized support needed to birth the vision and action plans to uplevel your life. If selected to participate, you’ll join a high-caliber group of self-aware achievers who have risen, typically, to the top 1% in their industry. These extraordinary leaders believe in changing the world … If you’ve ever wanted to sit down with world renowned experts to talk about your biggest dreams – and to be surrounded by other leaders who share your passion and commitment to unlimited success, this is your opportunity. Take this little quiz to find out if this retreat is for you.

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Our "One Day" Unlocking Heaven VIP Coaching

Become a magnet to financial prosperity, unleash the leader within you and learn how to create various streams of income all in one V.I.P session. Uncover your unique story, get in tune with your mission and purpose so that your business can be more than just a means to an end… Let it become a legacy that impacts your world and touches souls the world over. Get a full dedicated day to discuss your dreams and tap into the leader within you that’s dying to be unleashed with this exclusive one -day intensive V.I.P Day. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to feel good and to be treated like royalty? In this virtual V.I.P coaching, you get to be all that and more. Learn how to create multiple streams of income right away so you can fund your dream lifestyle.

One Day Coaching Intensive: For you if you are emotionally stuck and need to find your worth and purpose. Emerge as a prosperous leader in your home, business and the world. Included – The 21- Day Experience for unlocking greatness

Our Full Immersion Elite Coaching/Mastermind

Imagine what you could accomplish if you were working with your own personal coach… Whether you choose an elite package for 1:1 coaching or a mini group package, the value of having Janette as your personal goes beyond measure. The fact is, in our modern times high achievers and powerful manifesters {in any field who have coaches} always achieve more than those who don’t. It’s easier to maintain your faith, stamina and focus when you have a world-class professional and spiritually illumined coach nudging, supporting and often times challenging you into your right path. This is why I have customised a personal coaching program centred on the dream builder principles and universal laws for success. These dynamic laws of prosperity will get you where you want to be faster than you ever thought possible.

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