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Hi, I'm Janette !

A mumpreneur, executive consultant, writer, communication strategist and a lover of life. With unshakeable faith, optimism and a passion for economic empowerment for those like me who are self-made, I can’t wait to get to know you and your business desires so we can help you build a lavish lifestyle buisness.

Regardless of your background and short comings, if you can master the art and science of effective communication and the written word, you can become a very successful business person.


Co-Founder, Janette Getui Group.

The Janette Getui Six-step formula for prosperity and a lavish lifestyle business

Step One:

Get Your Mind Right

The first step toward prosperity and a lavish business is renewing your mind.

Developing a growth mindset, mastering your emotions, getting the right attitude and practicing prosperous thinking must form your foundation.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and poverty consciousness isn’t going to happen by default. That’s what we strive to help you with.

Step Two:

Find What You Love

 Most people are still chasing after the money instead of focusing on finding fulfillment and purpose.

Every great achievement will require courage, strength, patience, and faith. It will take time and work.

The best way to guarantee your success is to find what you love to do and build your business around it.

Step Three:

Educate Yourself

Now that you know what you love, design a lifestyle and business blueprint around it.

Then massively invest in acquiring the skills necessary to increase your value, level of confidence and competence.

Skipping over this could mean the difference between manifesting prosperity and perpetuating struggle.

Step Four:

Choose Your Dream Clients & Ideal Audience

The next crucial step that many of us don’t take the time to do is identifying your dream client.

You can’t serve everyone. Not everyone aligns with your message, but there are those who do and are willing to pay you well for your product or service.

My templates and client mapping process will take out the guesswork and confusion for this phase.

Step Five:

Communicate Effectively & Add Value

 You are now taking your dream client through the process of getting to know, like and trust you. Communicating effectively and adding a lot of value right off the bat will have a direct impact on your business success.

This is where the prosperity mindset and continuing education comes to play. The more relevant, authentic and generous you are the easier it will be to develop a small tribe of true fans.

You don’t need a huge email list. Master this phase and you’ll have a sustainable tiny business with massive profits.

Step Six:

Diversify Your Income Streams – M.S.I

Multiple Streams of Income is something that changed my life when I first learned it from my mentor.

It is the only way for those of us who were dealt lemons by life to turn things around and enjoy a lavish, prosperous lifestyle.

If life handed you lemons, I will show you how to make lemonade and make a podcast about it!

Learn How to Master Emotions & Become An Awakened Leader.

In this fantastic (and free) e-book you’ll learn three simple secrets that’ll give you back clarity and control over your emotions so you can  reclaim your authentic power and summon the leader in you.


Janette is simply remarkable. Her enthusiasm and passion for working with others is tremendous!  Kevin Doyle.

Independent Consultant.

Working with Janette is an eye-opener to a world of possibilities and the prosperity available for all of us. A simple program with her and my entire life, as well as my family, has shifted forever. Tabitha Leisin.

Admissions Manager, Aspiring business woman.

From "in your face sucker!" to "man I suck!" I'm sharing every screw up on my journey of mastering the art of being a proficient heart-centered copywriter!

Real growth. Messy challenges. An inspired heart-centered approach to attract perfect clients in any industry. If you're on your journey of mastery too or if you're struggling to find the right converting message, this is definitely for you.

I’m learning a lot and so will you.

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