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Using Storytelling and Irresistible Words That Increase Revenue and Engagement

Hi, I'm Janette !

A mumpreneur, prosperity lifestyle consultant, creative writer, communication strategist and a lover of life.

I’m also the editor-in-chief and CMO of my boutique content creation agency. With unshakeable faith, optimism and a passion for economic empowerment for those like me who are self-made, I can’t wait to get to know you and your business desires so we can help you grow a lavish luxury brand.

Regardless of your background and short comings, if you can master the art and science of effective communication and the written word, you can become a very successful business person.


Co-Founder, Janette Getui Group.

The Janette Getui Three-step formula For Content That makes you rich

Step One:

Get clarity on your dream client!

Do you know who your dream client is? Do you know what they are looking for?

The first crucial step that many of us don’t take the time to do is identifying your dream client.

You can’t serve everyone.

Not everyone aligns with your product or service, but there are those who do and are willing to pay you well for your product or service.

You must have a buyer persona for each client type of customer you want to attract. 

My templates and client mapping process will take out the guesswork and confusion for this phase.

Step Two:

Get your words right!

 How much focus have you given to the words you use?

Clarity in your message; using the right words and storytelling is key.

Before you can start producing content like an expert, you’ve got to clarify your message.

 Communicating effectively and adding a lot of value right off the bat will have a direct impact on your revenue and business growth.

I’m going to show you how to dial it in and how the brain works for most consumers. That way you can begin speaking to your client in a simple, manner that encourages them to engage.

Step Three:

Grow a prosperous business!

Wanna see more sales coming into your business?

Solve your client’s problems and grow your busines.

Develop a solid content marketing strategy and execute. Use storytelling to communicate and position your business as the premium product or service that authentically provides useful,high value information and solutions to help your client thrive.

Sever and you shall prosper.

Let your Email Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing and paid advertising finally work for you.

A Modern Woman's Guide To Successful Living

In this fantastic book, you’ll discover the most essential factors to consider if you desire to navigate the gap that fosters fear, worry, self-sabotage, and self-doubt.

Learn how to step into more success, prosperity and peace of mind in your relationships, work and life in general.


Janette is simply remarkable. Her enthusiasm and passion for working with others is tremendous!  Kevin Doyle.

Independent Consultant.

Working with Janette is an eye-opener to a world of possibilities and the prosperity available for all of us. A simple program with her and my entire life, as well as my family, has shifted forever. Tabitha Leisin.

Admissions Manager, Aspiring business woman.

Iressistable content marketing for luxury brands

Luxury Inspiration

The great secret to creating content that converts is to integrate storytelling into your luxury brand. Content marketing is in vogue right now. If you want to enjoy better client engagement and higher conversion rates, it’s time to learn the what, why & how of creative writing and content marketing.

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