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Hi, I'm Janette !

The Woman behind your awesome content. A mumpreneur, prosperity lifestyle consultant, creative writer, communication strategist and a lover of life.

I’m also the editor-in-chief and CMO of my boutique content creation agency. With unshakeable faith, optimism and a passion for economic empowerment for those like me who are self-made, I can’t wait to get to know you and your business desires so we can help you grow a lavish luxury brand.

Regardless of your background and short comings, if you can master the art and science of effective communication and the written word, you can become a very successful business person.


Co-Founder, Janette Getui Group.

3 Key Strategies Any Luxury Brand Can Use To Leverage Digital Marketing


Effective Content Marketing

Tasteful Content needs to take center stage in your branding efforts. It affects everything. From search engine rankings to client engagement, brand awareness, and retention rate.

Effective content marketing is one of the fundamental keys to digital marketing success.


Become A Media Company

 All luxury brands need to start seeing themselves as their own media company. 

The smaller you are as a brand the greater your rewards will be in profit and long-term client engagement. Get creative with your brand and challenge yourself to tell stories that inspire.


Leverage social media marketing

Now that you have invested in tasteful content, promote this content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and others.

Use ads and promoted posts to reach a highly targeted, global audience. Focus on engagement and building credibility.

A Modern Woman's Guide To Successful Living

In this fantastic book, you’ll discover the most essential factors to consider if you desire to navigate the gap that fosters fear, worry, self-sabotage, and self-doubt.

Learn how to step into more success, prosperity and peace of mind in your relationships, work and life in general.

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How To Write Your Own Story

Here’s the effective way to start using content marketing and storytelling:

It’s time to be your own hero, bring hope to the world and unfold your own epic adventure.

Whether you’re an executive, independent consultant or company director, this is a time for heroes. The online world demands you become a digital leader and your future growth and success depend on you choosing a worthwhile mission and purpose so you can become the hero your world needs right now. 


20 Smart strategies for using storytelling to rapidly grow customer engagement and conversions.

Whether you’re the owner of a boutique hotel or a luxury product, standing out online and offline is super important. 

Leveraging storytelling and using various content marketing forms is one of the most powerful ways to build loyalty and grow your revenue. This storytelling cheat sheet will show you how.

Content marketing resources for luxury brands

Luxury Brand Inspiration. Building loyalty. Increasing engagement.

The great secret to creating content that converts is to integrate storytelling into your luxury brand. Content marketing is in vogue right now. If you want to enjoy better client engagement and higher conversion rates, it’s time to learn the what, why & how of creative writing and content marketing.

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Everyone deserves to design their own fairytale adventure. In this lifetime you had a beginning, there will be an end, but everything in between is a story you get to tell. Storytelling isn’t a buzzword, it’s what makes us connect emotionally and empowers us to take action on our desires.


Co-Founder, Janette Getui Group.

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